Mediation and Representation Services

We conduct representation and mediation services to national and international companies.
We are in contact with many companies from different sectors, which allow us to help our clients by finding partners, distributors or even to establish any other type of collaboration with other entities that our client may need.


We work and collaborate with Acuity Ventures in performing various consulting projects.

  • Presentation of business opportunities.
  • Collaborate and conduct comparative analysis of financial investments.
  • Acquisitions and disposals of businesses, assets and property.
  • Feasibility Analysis: Business plan, cost reduction plan.
  • Internationalization services.

Litigation and Recoveries

We offer legal advice and direction on all kinds of civil and commercial procedures. We also issue legal opinions on potentially contentious matters and perform preventative analysis to identify and avoid potential liabilities.

Also, we design and execute the most suitable pre-litigation strategies to defend the interests of our clients. We negotiate and draft settlement agreements. We design the most efficient debt collection and recovery strategies for out-of-court and in-court proceedings.

We also advise on pre-insolvency procedures and insolvency proceedings. Additionally, we file the creditor’s claims in the insolvency proceeding and we analyze the debtor’s solvency position in order to assess the creditors claims in relation to the chances and the time that the collection will last.

Real State

We arrange a team of professionals specialized in the legal aspects of all types of properties (office buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings, hotels), with specific expertise in the legal aspects to consider for lease contracts, in sale or acquisition, as well as the provision of guarantees.

Immigration Policy

  • We handle all types of Visas and advise on the different types of Residence Permits in Spain (Legal Stay and Special), such as initial applications and renewals. We help in the process of obtaining the Spanish nationality.
  • We resolve paperwork for family reunification.
  • We advise on the different types of employment contracts.

Commercial Contracts

Whether in domestic or international law, we give advice in the drafting of any kind of civil and commercial contracts such as distribution, agency, purchase, exchange, among others.

Additionally, we analyze every kind of commercial agreement regarding licensing transfer, supply of goods and services, production, and international and national franchise agreements.

Corporate law

We participate in the drafting and negotiation of all types of business agreements, advising the contracting parties on terms and conditions, depending on their legal status. We also analyze and interpret contracts, issuing legal opinions on its validity, scope and content.

The area includes, among others:

  • The Company’s incorporation services under the Spanish Law
  • Formalizing By Laws
  • By Law reforms and Corporate Restructuring

We are experts in negotiating and drafting Shareholders agreements; agreements with enhanced majority restrictions on the free transferability of the shares; Societal government, composition and election of its board of directors and managers, dividends policy and termination clauses of deadlock.

We also participate in the preparation, negotiation and execution of Joint Venture agreements and strategic alliances through the ideal implementation for each case, thus helping the completion of numerous business processes.

We also give advice and assist our customers on their Company´s due diligence process.