Spanish Citizenship for Sepharadım

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At present there are two ways to obtain Spanish citizenship for Sephardic: first, proving to be Sephardic and proving their legal residence in Spain for at least two years. Secondly, they can obtain Spanish citizenship by naturalization after the discretionary decision of the Ministers Cabinet in where the exceptional circumstances are valued.

Those exceptional circumstances are determined proving that those foreign solicitors have a special link with Spain, even if they don´t have a residence permit in Spain, whatever their ideology, religion or beliefs.

The condition of Sephardic and special relationship with Spain shall be certified by the civil registrar of the address of the interested either in Spain or in the appropriate consulate, and interested parties must provide all the necessary documentation for processing the case and everything that consider necessary to establish its special relationship with the Spanish culture and customs. For these purposes, they may submit the following documents:

  • A certificate issued by the secretary general of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain proving membership of the Sephardic Jewish community.
  • A certificate from the competent rabbinic authority.
  • Also it is valid an accreditation of surnames, family language or any other indicator showing membership in the Sephardic Jewish Community.
  • The inclusion of the applicant or their direct descendants of persons included in the list of protected Sephardic families in Spain, or the link or relationship with one of these individuals or families.

Similarly, the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries in Spain may request reports to corroborate the accuracy of the provided conditions.

To apply for citizenship, the interested party must initiate proceedings no later than two years after the entry into force of the law.

In addition, it is mandatory a written submission of a standardized application form from the Ministry of Justice. It could be submitted by a third person granted with a notary or consular power of attorney.

With this modification, the Sephardic Jews may apply for Spanish nationality without residence in Spain and also without losing their nationality of origin, thus being able to obtain dual citizenship.

Additional ORIGINAL documentation required to process the Spanish nationality to descendants of Sephardic:

  • Literal birth certificate, translated, notarized and duly apostilled (with the Hague Apostille)
  • Criminal records, translated, notarized and duly apostilled (with the Hague Apostille).
  • Marriage certificate, if any, translated, notarized and duly apostilled (with the Hague Apostille)
  • Birth certificate of minor children, if any, translated, notarized and duly apostilled (with the Hague Apostille)
  • A copy of the passport.

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